Indie Author Resource Roundup!

We indie authors gotta stick together! Not because it’s an “us” against “them” deal, but because breaking out as an indie author is *REALLY* difficult to do! I’m dedicating this post to wonderful website resources for finding the right sorts of advice and tips on becoming an indie author, building your audience after you’ve published, and becoming a successful member of the indie author community!

>> Lindsay Buroker — Lindsay is a FABULOUS author of the Emperor’s Edge series and many other titles. Her website is a wonderful resource for the self-published author! She has many tips on marketing, e-book publishing, and general business advice for the indies out there.

>> J.A. Konrath’s A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing — Need I say more? If you don’t know who J.A. Konrath is, go RIGHT now and check out his website!

>> David Gaughran’s Basics Page — This is a short primer about self-publishing.

>> The Creative Penn Publishing Page — Another great resource discussing your options as an indie author.

I could give you more, but honestly, these guys have a WEALTH of information available to you. If you run out of all the content with them, let me know and I’ll try and round up some other resources. However, I highly doubt you’ll run out! :-)

Have a happy Friday!

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