Good morning, all! I hope your Saturday is going splendidly so far! Today, I’m very excited to introduce you to my Tales from Kirovna series! It is another series in my Primoris System universe. Below, you’ll find links to all sorts of information about Kirovna, its moons, and stories related to them!

Kirovna and its moons copy

Kirovna>> The planet in the background of this picture is small when compared to the other planets in the Primoris System, but it is an enchanting place full of magic, peaceful natives, and steam-powered human advancements. Find out more about Kirovna here.

Adlheid>> The pale blue and green moon in the left of this picture is also inhabited by humans. Find out more about Adlheid here.

Juneau One>> The darker blue moon on the right of this picture is also inhabited by humans. Find out more about Juneau One here.


  • The first Tale from Kirovna will be coming out (hopefully) by the end of spring 2013! I’ll announce more about it soon.
  • The Dark Ship is a Tale from the Moons of Kirovna–specifically Juneau One.

Stories that take place in Kirovna will fall within the fantasy and/or steampunk categories of fiction. Stories from Kirovna’s moons fall within the paranormal, fantasy, and science-fiction categories. All my books (so far) are appropriate for young adults and adults alike. 🙂

I hope you’ll check out The Dark Ship! It’s a novella that’s being serialized on Wattpad! I may publish it in other places eventually, but right now, it’s exclusively on Wattpad!

Thanks for stopping by today, folks! I hope your Saturday is filled with lots and lots of fun, rest, and reading! See y’all tomorrow!

Introducing Tales from Kirovna!
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