Today was a day I could have stayed in bed until noon. I was so sleepy! I rolled out of bed at 7:55AM, filled my large plastic cup with lemon water, and set to work in my pajamas. I did my 2,000 words for the morning and then took a break. I’m back for the morning and am trying to stay focused. I feel extremely jittery today, though. I use the word “jittery” in place of anxious or stressed, because I’m not feeling negatively jittery. It is an, “Oh my gosh, I have forty thousand things to do before I can get my book published” sort of feeling. That’s a fun, exciting feeling (if not a tad bit scary.)

What’s on my mind today? Formatting. I am not quite ready to start formatting my MSWord document for publishing, but that day will soon come and I want to be prepared. Just for fun, I put my current manuscript version on my Kindle and freaked when I saw how much work needed to be done. First thing that I noticed? Indents. They were HUGE! I found several good tutorials online for how to fix stuff like that (which I will share in a following post), but it will still be quite a task to get all the formatting errors fixed before publishing.

All throughout the morning, I kept thinking, “I need to research formatting. I need to research formatting.” So, I did take some time to do that, but more importantly, I thought, “I need to learn how to create an ebook friendly manuscript in MSWord from the very first word, so I don’t get myself into pickles like this again…”

Anyone find this all very familiar? If you, too, are having troubles trying to figure out how to format your manuscripts for publishing, fear not! There are many great resources online that can walk you through it. I will be doing a post in a few minutes containing links to several excellent sites that have suggestions, tips, and tutorials.

Have any of you ever successfully converted an MSWord manuscript to a Kindle or other ebook format? If so, I’d love to hear what resources you used and any tips you might have. 

Blessings! Thanks for stopping by!



Jittery Tuesday
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