While this week has been considerably more December-y, last week was insanely warm. Oh, Georgia and its silly weather. *Laughs deliriously*. ANYWAY. This little guy was just out enjoying the sunshine, getting a tan. Makes me think a little of PSY and “Gangnam Style”, LOL. Quick side note to all English speakers with no exposure to the Korean language: “Gangnam” is pronounced “Kahng-nahm”. NOT gang-num (rhyming roughly with hang-man). Okay, language rant is over. For now.

It’s Friday. I have big plans to do the following at some point during the best day of the week:

1. Sit and half-listen to the Today Show in the doctor’s office.

2. Keep my cool in the overcrowded grocery store.

3. Write.

4. Edit.

5. Maiedae work.

6. Go to Taekwondo.

6.  Cook.

7. Work on some sweet homemade Christmas gifts and wrapping.

8. Laundry.

9. Get my DDR Supernova on.

10. Read some Hogfather.

11. Watch TV and veg on the couch.

Yep. I’ve got a really exciting day ahead of me. 😉 Sometimes, you just gotta support everyday living on a blog, you know? This is proof that authors are just like everybody else. Now you know how extra exciting my life is, LOL.

Have a Happy Friday! Get out there and have some fun!

Leaves Talk: Catchin’ Rays
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