Just listen to these poor guys and their harrowed existence!

I don’t know why I’m so keen on showing the sad fate of leaves in the fall, but what can you do? LOL. I have thought about how humans think fall is SO beautiful when really, autumn is a very sad time for deciduous leaves. They’re all dying, people! At least they get to go out with a bang! I mean, some of the colors starting to show up this year are GORGEOUS!

Anyway, moving on, discovered an awesome new webcomic this week called Red Moon Rising! Such a beautifully drawn comic! The story is really interesting, too! You should totally check it out.

It’s FRIDAY! I have big plans to have a great day at work, get some more knitting done on my homemade Link hat, enjoy a fun theatre production tonight with the Philosopher, and then maybe finish up a disc of The Venture Brothers! That show is hilarious. We are laughing our heads off.

In other work-related news, I’m toying with the idea of creating a webcomic in the Primoris System! Since there are ten inhabited planets in my universe, I’ve been tossing the idea of making one of the planets my focus for a webcomic! It wouldn’t update everyday, since my main priority is writing, but I was thinking once a week of releasing a panel. What do you guys think? It isn’t anywhere near ready for a launch or anything, but I’m thinking 2013, might be a good time to start that mini-side-project.

In case you missed it, Night Bells is now $2.99 on the Nook and Kindle! If you’re a fantasy//science-fiction nerd like me, I feel certain you’ll enjoy the book! It’s also available in print on Amazon if you prefer physical copies.

Have a great weekend! Maybe pick up a new book to read (*cough, cough*…like Night Bells) and enjoy yourself!

Leaves Talk: Fall is Monstrous
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