I feel like some of this week’s leaves are bits of my psyche…LOL. P.S. there really IS a kitty on my porch. It’s been hanging out the last few days on our doormat. I WANTS IT TO STAY!!! I have a bad cat allergy, so I couldn’t keep a cat in the house, but having one outside is the next best thing. Sometimes, it sits under the hedges right outside the window where I sit at my desk. SO COOL!

Anyways, Happy Friday! I hope you enjoyed the leaves this morning. Hedgerows can be such snobs. We have several hedges in front of our home–I think they may be some variety of holly. They stay pretty and green all year, but sometimes, twigs fall and get broken off, like these little guys. They think they’re so cool.

So…in other news, I got kicked in the nose last night. For those of you that don’t know, I do both Taekwondo and Hapkido (Korean martial arts) and we practiced our sparring in TKD yesterday. I was working with a REALLY nice guy, but when he came to kick me, I went into a spinning wheel kick at the same time he did a crescent kick (a high, across the body kick aimed at the side of the head) and I didn’t see his heel coming. Socked me right in the snout. It wasn’t broken, thankfully, and didn’t bleed, but BOY does it ache today! It’s like this dull, underlying ouchiness, but it’s not bad enough for a doctor visit, thankfully. I might be icing it and resting up, though, LOL. That’s the thing about contact sports…gotta be ready for random injuries.

Looking forward to a REALLY restful weekend. The Philosopher and I have been super busy the last couple of weeks, so I know we’re both looking forward to some chill time. I’m reading The Silmarillion right now and I’ll try to read more this weekend! SO beautiful! Not sure what to do with your own weekend? Love to read? Try Night Bells! If you love fantasy//science-fiction stories, then you’ll love this book! It’s available for purchase here and here! Not sure if you want to read it yet? Try a sample!

Tomorrow is HOBBIT DAY! Don’t forget! If you can, do something fun to celebrate. The hubs and I are making sausage, “taters”, and onions for dinner in honor of it! There may be some Silmarillion reading involved for me and mayhaps one of the movies…ENJOY!

Have a great weekend!



Leaves Talk: Hedge Leaf Snobs
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