Last week, our leaf friend had a soft landing. This week, this leafy guy fell on the driveway! Instead of freaking out about it, he starts sailing on through! Okay…I probably attach way too much significance to these little buddies, but I LOVE trees and leaves and I find such inspiration for life in them.

This current manuscript I’m writing is giving me SUCH TROUBLE!!! WOE! DESPAIR! Seriously, though, I am stuck at the part leading up to the end and I have no idea how to finish it. Sometimes being a “pantser” is all daisies and roses. Sometimes, though…it sucks. Most of the time, the endings for my stories just HIT me. This time, though? I’ve got nothing. I’ve been re-reading old myths and legends from the culture I’m writing from to get some ideas, but I haven’t liked the ones I’ve been coming up with. Yesterday afternoon, I tried to sit down and map it all out–all the character connections, current plot progressions, etc. I even tried to get inside my villain’s head a bit, but…it just didn’t spark anything new.

Instead of giving up on writing entirely for the day, I pulled out a notebook and just started writing something completely different. Sometimes, it’s good to get away from a current manuscript and just immerse yourself in a completely new, unrelated world. I wrote a pretty fun scene–didn’t quite finish it, but I don’t know that I will. It was just nice to be reminded that, yes…the words WILL flow and I am entirely capable of creating new worlds, stories, characters, and plots. I can do the same thing for my current manuscript, but I must be patient with myself.

Writing is hard work. There will be days when you have NO idea what to write and everything you do get down on paper will read like poo. That’s alright. On those days, take a break and just write something ENTIRELY different. Don’t put an expectation on yourself that you’ll finish what you’re scribbling down or that it will become your next big thing….Just sit down and write something. You’ll feel better. I promise. 😉

Enjoy your Friday.

Leaves Talk: Sail on Through
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