They’re dreaming, I can tell you that right now! It was in the SEVENTIES this week in my little corner of the world. šŸ™ I’m a bit sad about it. I love the snow! I want it to snow! Okay…temper tantrum is over now. *Calm*

Are you stuck with a warm Christmas season, too? Looking for some snow? (WARNING: Shameless self-promotion to ensue!) Well, as it happens, both my published books take place on a planet that has snow-covered landscapes 100% of the year! I’ve always loved snow and when I wrote my first novel, I decided to create a setting of wintry vistas. It’s not bleak like the ice planet Hoth in Star Wars, though. It is full of mountains, caverns, forests, oceans, glaciers, etc. I named the planet Niflheim after the ice world in Norse mythology. If you’re interested in either of my books, the first is calledĀ Night BellsĀ and the second is calledĀ Silent Shades (a sequel to the first). Click on their names for more information about them and where you can find them online. šŸ™‚

When it’s cold and wintry (or at least IĀ dreamĀ that it is, even if it’s like 78 degrees in the stupid south) I love to spend days bundled up in comfy, cozy clothes in a chair reading. This Christmas season, I’ve already readĀ A Christmas CarolĀ by Charles Dickens (as a part of our Christmas Tale Blog Event). You can find the review I did on it here. I just started reading HogfatherĀ by Terry Pratchett. Those are the two I’m doing as a part of the blog event, but if I have plenty of reading time leftover, I have some other books I’m planning to read this month. I’ll share them if I get to them!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post about a reading tradition I hope to start with my future little ones! The Philosopher and I do not have children yet, but one day, I think it would be fun to have lots of reading traditions throughout the year!

Have a very merry Friday! Go out and enjoy the season! Then, come back home and grab a good book. šŸ˜‰

Leaves Talk: Snow Angels
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