Okay, it is seriously spring-ish in the southern U.S. right now. We’ve got rain showers, cool humid weather, and I’m positive there are some confused trees out there. Now in about a week? It’ll probably be 17 degrees. Oh you silly weather! That’s alright, though. I love all the seasons, so I rather enjoy the change from the frigid temps we had about a week ago. It’s good writing and reading weather. I think there is probably a major consensus out there that rainy, dreary days are terrific for the literary world.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my current writing projects. I’m excited about my upcoming novels for this year and about all the fun and exciting books I’m getting to read! As I’m sure most of you realize, I become a rabid fan of any author I truly enjoy. Right now, my obsessions are settled on Terry Pratchett and Lindsay Buroker. I adore their books. They fill me with joy, laughter, and are just plain FUN to read!

What author has your mind spinning with happy thoughts? Feel free to share with us! 


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Leaves Talk: Spring Weather
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