Morbid, but sadly…it’s true. On Halloween night, we built a fire and Savannah and I got tons of “dead” leaves from the yard and threw them in the metal bowl. Poor little guys…they just didn’t see it coming.

Writing has been really sporadic this week due to the fact that I’m trying to get LOTS of editing done for my manuscript I plan on publishing soon. I have lots of fun ideas floating around in my head, though, which is a good sign. Tonight, the Philosopher and I are gonna go to a Halloween Party! (Little belated, we understand, but adults are busy people! Gotta fit the holidays in when you can!) I’m going as Link from Wind Waker!!!! I will definitely have pictures sometime next week.

Other than writing, I’ve been making some serious food this week. So far, I’ve made homemade wassail, three batches of s’mores puffs, a taco//rice casserole that the hubby and I ate off of most of the week, and sausage//taters//onions (aka Hobbit Food). *Whew!* This afternoon, I”m going to make a giant batch of sausage balls to take to the party. I L.O.V.E. to cook. Like a lot. I like to write about food, too. I love incorporating the “hearth” into my stories. It brings me a great deal of joy.

Plans for the day are:

>> Get lots of editing done

>> Maiedae work

>> Scheduled blog posts for the weekend

>> Fold two loads of laundry and put away

>> Clean up the giant, disastrous, monstrosity small pile of dishes.

>> Cook party food

>> Tidy up the house for later weekend visitors.

>> Change into my rad costume

I’ve already accomplished:

>> Early voting!

>> Weekly allergy shots

>> Returned a book to the library

>> Breakfast

WOOHOO! I’m on a roll! LOL. I hope you all have a terrific weekend! Go read a book! Need a suggestion? Read MY book, Night Bells! It’s a fun fantasy story that takes place on another world! My side bar has the links to purchase and under my “Books” tab up at the top of this page, you can read more information about the book! Go check it out…

Happy Weekend. Enjoy yourselves.

Leaves Talk: The Fire Pit
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