Alright, as discussed in this post, things have been kinda crazy at the Sherwin house. In order to keep my creativity alive for my writing, and to keep my sanity, I have been doing LOTS of craft projects. Crafting, artwork, and other bits of creative pursuits help me to keep my brain active with creating, while taking a break from what I do with most of my time: writing.

It’s good to take a break from your writing. Your brain needs to flourish in other creative pursuits to keep your writing flame fresh and strong. You WILL experience writer’s block. You WILL get tired of reading your manuscript a hundred times. You WILL be able to get over it and still produce good work. There are many ways to do this, of course, but one way I  keep my creative power flowing is to craft, produce art, and engage in creative thinking.

Now, I’m not one of those people who thinks you need to take a break from your writing for weeks or anything. I write at least five days a week for a considerable amount of time. At night and on the weekends, though, I do other creative things. Some of my favorite crafting projects are: knitting, crocheting, painting, drawing, digital art, and DIY house projects. These hobbies help me to keep using my creative muscles even when I’m not writing. They help me create new thinking patterns, develop new skills, and produce fun pieces to give as gifts or keep around the house.

Not sure what your creative hobbies are? Try some new things! If you’ve never done yarn crafts before, check out knitting! If you don’t like to draw, try painting! Watch  movies and imagine the story going a different way. Read a book and come up with a different ending. Find little ways to keep feeding your creative fire. It will draw your attention away from your first love of writing, sure, but it will make your writing stronger when you return to it the next day//week//what have you.

Contrary to popular belief, talent isn’t the only important thing in being a writer or a creative mind. A lot of it has to do with devotion, dedication, and habitual practice. Writing is a creative endeavor. There is no getting around that. In order to be a better writer, you’ve got to have a stinkin’ HUGE creative muscle to flex. You reinforce this creative muscle by building it with constant writing practice and other creative pursuits. Think of it as “creative cross-training”.

Suggestions for Creative Cross Training:

1) Find three or four hobbies you love and delve into them!— It can take a while to find out what makes you tic in the creative sense, but it is well worth it. Creating is a part of your being and most likely, you feel compelled to produce your own work. Get a Pinterest account and try out different projects! Visit a craft store and take a class! Find a relative who does cool crafting projects and ask them to teach you!

2) Make Creative Cross Training a priority— Just like writing is a priority, other creative endeavors should be one, too! Maybe take one night a week for a fun craft or art project. It can do wonders for your well-being and your creativity! If you can make time for two nights, do it! You won’t regret it!

3) Don’t spend a fortune— Crafting doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you may even be able to do some projects for free! Some DIY crafts require only things from around your home. Others will have a minimal start-up cost. Find ways to be economical about your crafting. You certainly don’t want to spend too much and then feel bad about your hobby. Find creative ways to be creative without having to spend a lot of money. Again, Pinterest and other sites are great for this sort of thing.

4) Showcase your work or give things as gifts— Some of us are just too practical for our own good. One way we can rationalize our excessive creativity building is to showcase your work as household art or give away things you’ve made as gifts! For instance, I love to knit. I especially love to knit and give away my pieces as gifts. I made a sequined scarf for a friend last year and it was very special to her! People LOVE getting handmade things. It just lights people up inside.

5) View Creative Cross Training as Self-Care— There is a reason children and the elderly take an interest in creative endeavors. It is good for your soul. Crafting can expand your mind, heart, and spirit. It feels good to work with your hands on beautiful things. It can brighten your mood and help your body to relax. In other words, it keeps you YOUNG! Try it out!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you’ll go out and try a new creative hobby! Trust me, it’s good for you. 😉

What sorts of Creative Cross Training do you like to take part in? Share, share, share! I’d love to hear! I’m always looking for new and fun crafting skills to learn!


~L.M. <3

Let Creativity Abound: Creative Cross Training
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  • I love this list!

    • Glad you like it! I’m a big fan of creativity. 😉

  • It’s so cool that you’re into arts and crafts. So am I! I used to scrapbook all the time!!! I’m taking up playing the guitar, maybe try painting (there’s a Michaels right around the corner and someone said there’s sketchbooks with thick enough paper to handle paints, water).

    I agree with you about writing isn’t just about talent–also about discipline. The beauty is that not everything has to happen all in one sitting. My mind is always jumping from different creative endeavors. I love your advice to pursue other options because it’ll have you become a better writer 🙂

    Keep smiling,

    • Awww, thanks, Yawatta! What a sweet comment! Good luck with your guitar endeavors! I love the guitar. Such a sweet sound. Oh, yeah, Michael’s should definitely have sketchbooks with thick paper like that. Have fun with all of your crafting!

      • Thank you! You too! Besides a notebook, I’ll buy paint (the kind in those plastic containers elementary kids use LOL) and sketchbooks for my birthday.

        I love scanning the area in stores where paintings in frames are sold. I always think to myself–instead of paying for something expensive, I can just make my own artwork.

        Keep smiling,

        • I think the same thing! I do love other people’s art, though. My husband and I love to collect art.

          • It’d be so fun to visit art museums or attend art galleries with local artist’s work. In the cafe I go to every morning, they feature an art student from Shepherd University on their wall. I guess it’s all her school projects (sketches, paintings, collages). It’s pretty cool beans.

            Keep smiling,

          • Ahhh! Super cool! I love looking at local artists’ work. A lot of cafes and restaurants in my hometown do that as well.

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