Okay, guys, I can barely contain my excitement… Today on the blog, we have indie author Lindsay Buroker! *SO EXCITED!* She’s the author of the hugely popular Emperor’s Edge series and several other widely reviewed works. I emailed Lindsay a while back to see if she’d share with us how she celebrates her novel releases and who her favorite characters are in her books. If you love fantasy, steampunk, and science-fiction then you should absolutely check out her novels! You can find more information about all of them at the bottom of this post. Without further ado, here’s Lindsay!


(Lindsay) Thank you for the opportunity to appear on your blog, LM!

(L.M.) You’re very welcome, Lindsay! I’ve got a few questions for you, if you’ve got a minute. First off, how do you celebrate a publishing/launch day?

(Lindsay) This is probably a sign that I’m either a dork or a workaholic, but I usually just get back to writing. I’ve published seven novels and several shorter works in the last two and a half years or so, so it’s stopped being a big deal when I release something. (Though it’s always really cool when readers send email saying that they enjoyed the story.) By the time I get a book uploaded to all the sites, I’m well into the rough draft of the next adventure. I believe I was about 40,000 words into the sixth Emperor’s Edge book when I published Decrypted a couple of weeks ago.

That said, I make plenty of time for play during the week, and I take trips and have adventures and such while I’m working on my books, so it’s not as if I never have any fun. 😉

(L.M.) I’m glad to hear that you take some time for play during your work day! Up next, who is YOUR favorite character from your novels?

(Lindsay) Hm. I’m not sure I have favorite characters so much as pairings that I enjoy writing. Dialogue is my favorite thing, and it tends to be what I’m most likely to admire in other people’s work (original and clever banter makes me grin with appreciation). As they say, actions speak loudly, but words are the vehicle through which we get to know people. A character by him or herself doesn’t do much for me, but a twosome? Yes, please.

My favorites to write? Sicarius and Amaranthe and Books and Maldynado – almost for the same reasons (straight man, funny man). I also had a good time with Tikaya and Rias in Decrypted – the cultural differences of two characters can make for some fun exchanges.

My love for pairings aside, I do try to write in such a way that any of the main characters can bring a smile to the reader now and then, yet nobody is there strictly for comic relief. In other words, I can have fun with anybody. (Hm, I’m not sure that sounded quite right…)

(L.M.) I think Sicarius and Amaranthe are definitely my favorite pairing in your books, but I do enjoy a good spat between Books and Maldynado! Last question: If you could meet a character from any story, which one would it be and why? Which story do they come from?

(Lindsay) From one of my stories? Or from any story in the world? If the latter, it’d be fun to go on a mission with Miles Vorkosigan from Lois McMaster Bujold’s science fiction series and see what craziness he comes up with. 😉

For my own stuff, I’m guessing Maldynado from my Emperor’s Edge books would be a lot of fun to hang out with, but I don’t think I’d be cool (or sexy) enough to attract his attention. Maybe I could win him at a bachelor auction?

If he’s not available (or I can’t afford to win him at that auction), then I’d happily listen to Rias tell tales of his adventures at sea (or lecture on shark reproductive systems) any day. It’d be kind of like taking an archaeology class from Indiana Jones – what he’s saying is interesting, but it’s made more so by the fact that you’re gazing at Harrison Ford while he’s saying it.

Now, if I may shamelessly self-plug, if any of your readers are curious about these characters, they can check out my first Emperor’s Edge book for free at Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, and other stores. They can also stop by my blog, where I talk about e-publishing and book promotion, as well as posting the occasional cut scene or character interview.

Thanks for reading!

Check out Lindsay's FREE novel!
Check out Lindsay’s FREE novel!

(L.M.) Thanks SO much for stopping by today, Lindsay! It has been an honor having you on the blog!


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Lindsay Buroker Shares Her Favorite Characters and Celebration Tactics!
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