Today is “one of those days”. You know, the days where your to-do list is forty miles long and there doesn’t seem enough time in the day to get it all done? Yeah, I thought you did. We all have them. On days like this, it’s easy to focus on getting those “essentials” done and letting writing fall to the wayside. Well, if you’re serious about your books and future (or current) “authordom”, folks, then writing is an essential to your workday. Even if you can only plink out 500 words amid all the busyness, it’s better than nothing.

5 Tips to Make Time for Writing During a Crazy Busy Day

1. Use the Pomodoro Technique that I mentioned in this post. 25 minutes of writing is better than no writing at all!

2. When you take breaks from housework, child-rearing, errands, day-jobs, working out, etc., take ten minutes and jot down some dialogue or story ideas.

3. Don’t feel like you absolutely HAVE to hit your word count goal. It’s great if you can, but your day is stressful, crazy, and busy! JUST WRITE SOMETHING!!! If you make your count goal, GREAT. If not, you still wrote something.

4. Pass some responsibility onto a significant other, friend, parent, or child so you can have some time to yourself to get in some writing.

5. Carry a notebook with you on your errands. If you have to wait in line somewhere, take it out and jot down some writing!!

There can be a huge potential for stress and feelings of being overwhelmed on days like this. Take a note from the AMAZING Ann Voskamp and keep your sanity on days like this!!

As well, here’s a pretty picture to calm you down!! 🙂


Making Time to Write on Crazy Busy Days
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