Right after my hubby and I married in 2010, he challenged me early in our marriage to write every single day for at least an hour. For a year, I faithfully carried out that mission and it changed my life. After that year passed and I began seriously pursuing my publishing journey, I kept writing most days. Then, as the contracting work picked up, I was actually publishing books, and life got a bit busier, I kept writing most weeks. Finally, I entered into a period of horrible writer’s block in 2013. I firmly believe that part of that writer’s block was the result of letting my daily writing habit slip.

Is it easy to write every single day? Yes and no. On the one hand, life happens and some days, there are emergencies, appointments, and all-day workathons that leave you with little time to write. On days like that, I say, STILL WRITE. Just maybe alter your word count or complete a writing exercise on character or plot. It will help you continue to flex your writing muscle and you’ll still accomplish your daily writing goal. On the other hand, writing every day can eventually become easy because it is a habit. The more you do it, the more naturally it comes to you.

I have been writing daily again for a little over a week now. I know that’s not a huge stretch of time or anything, but already I can feel my writing “muscles” growing and I am so excited about sitting down in some quiet and getting words on the page again. After my hellish writer’s block, I am so grateful for the drive to write and produce. I know with the holiday season, there will be some busy days ahead, but I am going to sincerely try to write every day even through Christmas (even if, like I mentioned, my word count is reduced). Writing is fun. It’s a privilege and I know now that for me it is a haven of rest for my tired and busy  mind.

Back when I was first writing every day, I would set a time limit: write for an hour. Now that I’ve grown and my life has gotten more wonderfully complicated with work and domestic tasks, I set myself a word count goal of 2000 words per day. I usually end up writing more than an hour with this method, but it gives me a concrete progress goal and it allows me to get through rough drafts a little quicker. I also love watching Scrivener’s little progress bar light up with every word I type! 😉

Do you write every day? If you do, do you keep a word count goal or a time goal? I’d love to hear about your writing routine!

Making Writing a Daily Habit
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