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This is “Buddy”. He is a two year old parakeet that has stolen my pet-loving heart! We adopted him almost two weeks ago and he fills our home with beauty, pretty chirrups, and entertainment. Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know how hard it was for me when my rats passed away in the summer. I loved them SO much and when they died, a little bit of me did, too. Pets can be so, so comforting in life and they provide humans with an opportunity to be selfless, caring, nurturing, and responsible.

I know many writers have dogs or cats, and don’t get me wrong–I LOVE cats especially, but I’m a big fan of “exotic” type pets. Rodents and birds are particular favorites of mine. I am so happy to have a happy little singing creature sitting nearby while I work on my stories. He’s great company and when I need a break from work, he’s right there waiting to be loved on and talked to. He’s not quite tame yet, but we’re getting there. His previous family didn’t have a ton of time to spend with him, so he’s still getting used to all the attention (…and my voice, my hand, his new home, etc.)

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Isn’t he handsome?

Are you a pet fan? If so, do you keep your dog, cat, fish, bird, etc., nearby when you write?

Meet My New Writing “Buddy”!
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