Today on the blog, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you all to the main character from my novel Night Bells: Soryn Maslyn! I hope you’ll give him a warm welcome. He’s a rather somber chap and could use a bit of cheer. 😉

© L.M. Sherwin
© L.M. Sherwin


Name: Soryn Jens Bialas Maslyn

Age: (at beginning of Night Bells) 12

Birthplace: City: New Kristiansand // Country: Oban // Planet: Niflheim

Occupation: Mayor (Lord) of New Kristiansand

Hobbies: Staring out the barred windows of his tower, signing copious legal documents, and brooding.

Soryn is reserved, pensive, and jaded. Since he was six years old, he has been locked away in the tower of his family’s castle. He doesn’t know why he’s locked away, but according to his manservant, Jori, and mentor, Father Kimbli, it is for his own protection. Despite his somber nature, Soryn is curious and intelligent. He’s dying to find out why he’s been locked up in his tower and even more, he wants to have a life for himself outside of it. One night, he finds a secret passageway in his fireplace. Once he enters it, his mundane life changes forever…

Want to read more about Soryn and his mysterious circumstances? Check out Night Bells and discover the secrets of his past! Night Bells is a full-length (100,000+ word) novel that can be found for FREE at Smashwords with the coupon (NX44H). It’s also available for the Kindle, print, and Nook! If you’re on deviantART, be sure to check out Soryn’s portrait there!


Meet the Character: Soryn Maslyn from Night Bells
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