Good morning, all!

Well, yesterday was an extremely busy, but productive day. I was able to finish the first draft on the sequel to the novel I’m currently prepping for publishing. I also finished the 5th edit on THAT novel. *Whew*.

Today, I’m moving to notebooks and pens for the morning. I need to start some planning for the next novel I’m writing and get some overall “universe” brainstorming done. 🙂

I’m mostly a pantser like I’ve said before, but for the beginning, I tend to plan out a few things before I jump in and see where a story takes me! 🙂

I hope you all have a fantastic morning! I’m off to get my writing done! 🙂



~L.M. <3

Moving to Paper for Some of the Day
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  • Wulf Magnusson

    I often find that pen and mole skin are best for creativity and a word processor is great for productivity 🙂

    • I wholeheartedly agree! Just his morning, I spent a ton of time working in a spiral notebook for brainstorming//planning ideas. I was amazed at how single-minded I was. No internet for distractions, etc. However, I do notice the productivity is lessened by pen and paper. I agree with your word processing assessment. 🙂


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