I am a music fiend. It’s bad. I have more music on my iTunes than I could every feasibly listen to. I also have a subscription to Pandora One. On my YouTube? I have even more music playlists. When I write, I love to listen to certain types of music.

My Favorite Music for Writing:

~Celtic Harp Music

~Orchestral soundtracks (can anyone say John Williams!!??)


~Classical Music

~African music (specifically Ladysmith Black Mambazo)

I find it difficult to concentrate on my writing if the music has an overabundance of words (that I can understand). Therefore, I typically just listen to those five options above. ALL THE TIME. It’s nice to have the same music categories to choose from, because when you start listening to any of them, you start getting this sense in your mind that it’s time to work!

Do you have any favorite music genres to listen to while you write? I’d love to hear your choices!

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Music to Write By…
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