We writers do an awful lot of reading. Well, at least we should be doing a lot of reading. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I read a LOT. Now, I don’t read as much as some folks, but I read a whole lot more than the average bear. I’m a “devourer” -meaning, I love to just lose myself in a book for hours or days at a time. In all the time I have spent reading, I’ve developed an affinity for certain “accessories” that increase my reading pleasure.

1. A fluffy blanket // You can’t go wrong with a warm, cozy, giant blanket when you’re reading. It not only keeps you comfortable temperature-wise, but it helps you to feel secure and calm.

2. Kindle // I consider this an accessory, since it’s an ereader with multiple functions. I do NOT read every single one of my books in digital form. I love old-fashioned print books, too! However, the Kindle has been SUCH a fun addition to my reading habits. I really do love reading books on it. It doesn’t replace my enjoyment for paper books; it rather enhances it.

3. Waterproof Kindle Sleeve // I’m one of those dorks who loves to read in the tub with a bunch of bubbles, candles all round, and a cup of some tasty beverage on hand. However…as many of us know, reading a print book in the tub can end in disaster. The same could be said of an ereader without this little invention! The Kindle just slides in and there are two sets of snaps that fold over on each other. My device has NEVER gotten wet using this and you can see perfectly through the clear cover. Page turning isn’t a problem either. This was a great purchase.

4. Green Tea // YUM! Although I love coffee, when I’m reading, it’s tea I want. I am a tea fanatic. I have so much tea in the house, it’s unlikely I’ll finish drinking it before I’m 100. Green tea will always be my favorite, though. I love curling up with a good book and sipping on something calming. Green tea always delivers on that score!

5. A Beautiful Cup or Mug // Reading and tea drinking both have something in common– they are beautiful practices that edify the soul. If you’re drinking tea while reading, you should put the tea in a beautiful cup!! I love this mug. It has a built in strainer and lid, so you can steep your tea to the perfect consistency. I was given this by a friend some years ago.

6. Awesome Bookmarks // I collect bookmarks. They are a PERFECT collector’s item, because they are small and take up virtually no space. These bookmarks were on display at my middle school library when The Fellowship of the Ring was first coming out in theatres. I nabbed as many of them as I could get! I don’t pull these out very often, but when I do, I love looking at them! They are pieces of my history!

There you have it! My 6 Essential Reading Accessories! What do you love to have on hand when you’re reading? I’d love to hear! Share, share, share!

Have a very Happy Saturday!

My 6 Essential Reading Accessories!
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