2012 has been a terrific year. In the past twelve months, my life has changed pretty drastically. I thought it would be fun to share my favorite moments from the past year.

>> I started my blog, Unearthing Words, in February and then switched over to this self-hosted site in the early summer.

>> I started seriously trying to learn Korean.

>> I went to Universal Studios for the first time in my life with my husband, this lovely lady, and her husband!

>> I tested for my red belt in Hapkido and began training for black belt.

>> I went from being a full-time teacher (until May 2012) to being a full-time writer and Maiedae gal.

>> I developed deep friendships with several bloggers named: Savannah, Jenny, Kate, and Yawatta.

>> I joined a ladies’ bible study that meets weekly on Sunday nights and grew to have really meaningful connections with the four other ladies involved!

>> I published my first book, Night Bellsin August 2012.

>> I finally beat The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time on a fresh play-through. I had been trying to beat that game my ENTIRE life, LOL.

>> I published my second book, Silent Shades, in November 2012.

>> I totally read well over my goal of 12 books. (almost 40!)

>> I started taking a more serious and intentional look at my health.

>> I joined the Kindleboards and am having a blast discussing books, writing, and all-things-Kindle.

>> I joined Goodreads and found about a gazillion books I just HAVE to read in the near future.

I, of course, have many more memories, but I really wanted to share those few with you. What are some of your favorite memories from 2012? 

My Favorite Moments From 2012
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