I promised I’d be back with more posts and here’s another one for you. See how nice I am? Huzzah! In honor of #TuesdayBookBlog, I thought I’d give you a breakdown of my favorite reads from 2015. I read over 30 books in 2015 and I only had a few that stood out to me as being “favorites” material. Here are several that I really loved and would absolutely recommend.

#1] Republic by Lindsay Buroker – I will seriously read anything that woman writes. This is the eighth book in her Emperor’s Edge series and follows several character POVs. It gave us some post-earlier-series closure on several events that had occurred, as well as more insight into the characters’ motivations, relationships, and trajectories for the future. I would highly recommend any of her books to a new reader. If you love fantasy, scifi, steampunk, adventure, and slow-simmering romance, definitely give her Emperor’s Edge series a shot! The first book is free for you to check out and get hooked!!


#2] Mercenary Instinct by Ruby Lionsdrake – In 2015, I took my first foray into reading scifi romance with Ruby Lionsdrake’s Mandrake Company series. These books follow a group of space mercenaries as they get into all sorts of trouble in tandem with a small microbiotics business that rents a shuttle from them. It’s a quirky, fun, wild ride and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading more in this series. The first book (pictured above) is only $.99, so be sure to grab it!


#3] Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall by Kjerstin Gruys, Ph.D. – This is not my normal fantasy/scifi reading MO, but as someone who values positive body image and learning about ways to love yourself as you are, I was deeply intrigued by this author’s attempt to go an entire year without looking in a mirror. You heard me. An entire year. Sounds mighty ambitious and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Kjerstin’s experience and her thoughts on that journey she undertook. It was a really thought-provoking book and it had me seriously considering how often I look in the mirror and why.

What were your favorite books from 2015? Did you branch out and read something that was a different genre for you? Did you try out a new author? I’m always looking for recommendations, so hit me up with some of your favorite reads in 2015!

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My Favorite Reads in 2015
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