So, my to-read list of books is CRAZY long. I have a ton of books that I have my eye on and would love to devour when I have a spare afternoon. With Christmas quickly approaching, there aren’t many free days available for such things! So sad. ūüôĀ I’m sure, however, throughout the busyness that I’ll somehow squeeze in plenty of short reading sessions. Though I have probably a bazillion books to choose from during the wintry days ahead, the following books are at the top of my list! Take a look at my Winter Must-Reads!

/1/¬†The Historian¬†by Elizabeth Kostova — This little beauty has been on my To-Read list for FOREVER. This year, I’ve decided it gets a must-read priority. I think it will be a very bewitching time to digest this book, since it is a very dark story and winter is the darkest time of the seasonal year. Check out the synopsis here.

/2/¬†The Hobbit¬†by J.R.R. Tolkien — I’ve read this literary gem several times (two at least), but with the new movie coming out, I know I’ll be dying to reread it at some point this winter. I adore Bilbo’s story and I can’t wait to dive into his adventures again. Check out the synopsis here.

/3/¬†The Wizard of Oz¬†by L. Frank Baum — (alt. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) I have always loved the movie versions of these stories! In all my years, however, I’ve never read any of the Oz books. This year, I’ll check out the first tale in the (very) long series. Check out the¬†synopsis¬†here.

/4/ Dark Currents¬†by Lindsay Buroker — If you’re been around my blog for a while, you’ll know that I drool over Lindsay Buroker’s books. I LOVE them. Can’t wait to read this, her second installment in her Emperor’s Edge series. Check out the synopsis here.

/5/¬†The Abolition of Man¬†by C.S. Lewis — If I could walk around town with a button that read, “I HEART C.S. LEWIS”, I would wear it proudly. I adore that man’s writing. Somehow, he always manages to stimulate the furthest recesses of my mind with wonder and majesty. I adore the way he writes about the tough and deep topics of life. Check out the synopsis here.

/6/¬†The Last Sanctuary¬†by P.S. Mokha — This is a book I’ve been waiting to read for a while now. The author was kind enough to offer me a free copy and I am so excited to finally read it, review it, and let you all know my thoughts! The story looks like it will be RIGHT up my alley! Check out the synopsis here.

There you have it, ladies and gents! My Winter Must-Reads! What are your must-reads for the cold, dark season ahead? Share your picks in the comments section! 

My Winter Must-Reads!
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