After I finished my most previous book, I couldn’t decide what to read next. I let it sit for a day or so and I finally felt my mind and heart drawn to more Terry Pratchett. Gosh I love that man’s books. They are so entertaining, moving, deep, and humorous at the same time. I’m honestly not sure how he manages it, but every book has me laughing, thinking, and imagining all at once.

I decided to read The Fifth Elephant next. I realize I’m reading all of Terry Pratchett’s books out of order, but that’s because we don’t have them all and my husband and I are trying to collect all the Discworld novels when we come across them. I eventually want an entire shelf dedicated to JUST Terry Pratchett books. I’m anxious to see what awaits me in this current story. I love the Watch and this book deals with them again, so I’m pretty excited.

It will be hard to top Thief of Time and Small Gods, though. I ADORE those two books. They are my favorites so far. But…Going Postal was so good, too! ARG! I may not be able to pick an absolute favorite, LOL.

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