Afternoon, everyone!

Wow…I feel pretty drained after all the work I’ve done on the new site! What do you think? If you’re just checking this specific post, be sure to take a look at the home page, to see the newer features! The individual posts pages are very clean and neat. I’m not done yet, but I am really loving all the things I am learning in order to work with CSS and self-hosting. This is it…my very own author website. I am pretty much elated right now. This is my big week project since my editor has my manuscript right now. As you can see from browsing around, I have a new header, new widgets on the sidebar, and at the top right, I have lots of fun social media buttons! Go ahead…nudge, nudge…follow me! I am a SUPER interesting person (LOL.)

I am looking forward to continuing tweaks on my website and make it my own, but for now, I can at least exhale and know that I have a working, functional site. I hope you enjoy it! Please continue to follow me if you were from my old site. I’d LOVE to continue connecting with you all as readers and fellow writers!

Thanks for stopping by today. Rest assured there will be posts of more substance tomorrow. 😉

New site, new posts, new social media!
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