It’s FREE! It’s FREE! *Does the happy dance* Thank you so much, everyone, who helped report my book to get it free for my Kindle readers. I truly, truly appreciate it! For those of you who are new to my writing, give it a shot! If you love fantasy//sci-fi stories with lots of magic, mystery, and intrigue, Night Bells is the book for you! Now free at Amazon:

>> Check it out!

** As well, thank you all for your support and your kind words this week! It was really tough, but we finally had my sweet rat put to sleep yesterday and she is at peace now. I’m feeling so much better knowing she’s not in pain. Thank you, again, for your comforting encouragement. I promise that my posts will be much happier now. 🙂 **

Night Bells is {finally} FREE for the Kindle!
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