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It’s hard to believe that the Nine Nights of Narnia blog event is at an end! It has been such fun sharing my love for this beautiful, wondrous series with you. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the posts and if you haven’t had a chance to read any of them yet, fear not! They’ll all be listed below. Feel free to “visit”, comment, and share! I think my favorite thing about this week has been the chance to meet other rabid Narnia fans! I’m so pleased to see so many folks who love C.S. Lewis and his beloved books.

The Nine Nights of Narnia Posts:

>> Remembering My First Encounter with Narnia <<

>> Book Review: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis <<

>> When I First “Met” Aslan… <<

>> If I could be a Pevensie… <<

>> Beloved Beings: Mr. Tumnus of Narnia <<

>> C.S. Lewis: Brother, Friend, and Mentor… <<

>> Narnia Novels I’d Like to Revisit <<

>> Old Narnia Fan Art <<

Since tonight is the ninth and final night of the event, I’m turning it over to you! Please comment with your answers to the following questions so we can all revel in the glory of Narnia together!

What is your favorite Narnia novel?

How old were you when you first grew interested in the series?

Out of the Walden Media movies, which adaptation is your favorite?

Who’s your favorite Narnia character? 

I look forward to seeing your answers and diving into a dialogue about this fascinating series! Happy Sunday!

Nine Nights of Narnia Wrap Up!
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