Happy All Saints Day, everyone!

I trust that all of you had terrific Halloween times last night! Savannah and her husband came up from Atlanta to spend time with the Philosopher and me at our little house! They don’t normally get trick or treaters, so we let them come up and share some of our 300-something (seriously, we run out of candy EVERY year…). Here are a couple fun photos from our evening:

Okay, seriously? That fire took FOREVER to make. We decided at one point that we were just “cooking” the wood, because it took ten years to get it going. It was really windy out, but we felt that couldn’t accurately account for how difficult it was to get the logs burning! The Philosopher and Savannah’s husband were both adorable as they tried out different tactics to get it going.

*Sigh….* We are now entering one of my favorite times of year. I adore November and December. To me, they should be a time of quiet and rest. It is a time to celebrate family and friendships…a cyclical time of waiting and new life. This day, the Feast of All Saints, is a celebration of those who have passed away and gone before us. Today, I’m remembering not only family members, but other great saints that I’ve never met. It is a special time of blessing and a time to ponder the lives of others.

Today is also the big day where I’m entering my hardcore publishing mode….*cue screams in the background*. My publishing deadline for my second book in my Tales from Niflheim series is looming before me. I’m not gonna give the date away, because I’m a leeeetle bit afraid I might not make it. Just know that there should be another book out before December. 🙂

Also on the giant to-do list today is the following:

>> Normal work stuff + TONS of editing + Maiedae projects.

>> Take down the Halloween decor, but leave up the fall decor.

>> Fold a bunch of clothes.

>> Clean up the aftermath of the kitchen cooking explosion last night (it was a thing of beauty…I made homemade fries, toasted hamburger buns, wassail, and s’mores puffs…)

>> Write down November goals…

>> Work on a Christmas present (homemade)

It has been really hard to focus on my writing this week. Partly because I’m getting into my publishing mode, but partly because I’m so TIRED! LOL. I’ve felt like I could sleep until noon every day this week. It is so warm and cozy in bed and once I set a toe outside the covers, it’s FREEZING! I love it, though. I love the fall and winter the best. I adore the busyness, the quiet stillness, and the frigid temperatures. Love, love, love.

Well, I’ve got to go and get some serious writing, editing, and Maiedae work accomplished. Peace out.

Happy All Saints! Go out there and ponder your friends, family members, and role models who have passed on and celebrate their lives!

November is a Whirlwind
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