Happy Saturday, everyone! On this day, the last “real” day of the Nine Nights of Narnia (hard to believe), I’d like to share some of my old fan art of the Pevensie children and Jadis. This is from MANY years ago, so don’t judge me too harshly, LOL. I love drawing and it has always been fun for me to sketch out my favorite characters from books and movies.

Do you ever draw characters that you love? If so, who are your favorite characters to sketch? When you watch movies or read books, do you feel the undeniable urge to create art about or inspired by them? I know I do. I can’t play Ni No Kuni with the Philosopher without dying to draw!!

Happy Saturday! Stay tuned for a wrap up post tomorrow!

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Old Narnia Fan Art
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  • Love the drawings!

    I’ve never done much fan art, but I’m thinking I need to so I can get back on that horse again and start drawing more.

    • You definitely should! Drawing is so relaxing and meditative. I love to do it after I watch inspiring cartoons or movies or read about cool characters in books. I don’t draw nearly as much as I used to in middle school and high school (which was just about all the time), but I do try to sketch every now and then.

  • Those sketches are great!

    You’ve just reminded me of when I used to draw when I was about 12.

    I used to draw all kinds of spaceships and also Dragonball Z characters. I’d spend all night drawing the perfect abs and biceps for them (which just dawned on me how incredibly weird that sounds lol)

    • OMG…I used to draw DBZ characters, too! I ADORED that show. I have lots of Goku drawings in my old folders…


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