I have been DYING to go hiking for the past month. So what’s stopping me? The HORRIBLE southern heat. It is not only nearly 100 degrees everyday, but grossly humid, too! On top of that, I’ve specifically been wanting to hike with the Philosopher and he’s just not into that sort of torture (referring to death-heat-hiking). However, I have BIG plans to hike it up once the temperatures cool down a bit. I adore getting out in the middle of the woods and listening to the sounds of nature. Hiking is definitely one of my “other loves”. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have always loved wandering through trees and hills, observing flora and fauna as I go. I also love hiking, because it helps me to brainstorm. It fills up my creativity meter and helps me to write better stories.

Why? I’m not sure. The woods have always held a particular fascination with me and I always seem to come out of a hike with more ideas for my current stories than I did before I went in. I think it is the sense of ย the fantastical that I get when I hike that has me addicted. When I’m in the woods, I always think I’m on the edge of Narnia or Middle Earth. It makes me feel as though I might step into another world at any moment. I believe the Celtic cultures called these sorts of places//feelings “Thin Places”–moments and points in space and time where the veil between worlds is so thin you can make it through to the other side if you have a mind to.

So, perhaps in a week or two, we’ll have some eighty degree weather and I’ll be able to get out in the woods again. I need to be near the Thin Places as I plan this next book. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Other Loves: Hiking
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