The day has come. The Philosopher and I are leaving for vacation tonight! Technically, we’re just heading down to his parents’ house about an hour away, but we won’t be home tonight at any rate. We will be leaving for the beach tomorrow morning about 9. Right now, I have about forty billion things running through my head: gotta pack, gotta pack, gotta pack, gotta shower, gotta clean the rats’ house (yes, I have pet rats.)

I am listening to Weird Al’s “Perform this Way” while I type this. I suppose my mind is on overdrive right now, so the tame music I talked about yesterday just won’t cut it this morning. I need music to speed up my system! Got lots to do!

In light of the fact that I have 22 more things to do on my task list today, I’ll bid you all farewell! Have a great weekend! I have posts scheduled for next week, so there will still be daily posts. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


~The Writer

Packing Up!

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