I’ve definitely got it.

On any given week, I’ll spend serious time reading from two to three books. Is this a bad thing, you might ask? It depends on what your reading preferences are. Personally, I have a harder time not reading multiple books. Right now, I’m reading the following:

>>Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus by Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg

>>Small Gods by Terry Pratchett

>>Smart Self-Publishing: Becoming an Indie Author by Zoe Winters

(P.S>–It gives me no end of pleasure that these books all start with “S” at the moment. 😉 I’m a weirdo like that.)

I tend to read certain genres at one time. Typically if I have three books going, I’m reading some sort of spiritual growth book, a fun fiction read, and some sort of professional development book. If I’m just stuck on two books, they will probably fall within the spiritual growth and fiction categories.

Some people find it challenging to split their focus from one book to two or three (or four!), but for me, I sometimes have a harder time trying to focus on just one. The only real time that I read one book at a time is when I am on some major goal-oriented reading kick. For instance, in June, we went on vacation and I brought along four books. By gosh, my goal was to finish those four books by the end of the week. Did it happen? Nope. But I got two of them down. 🙂 I did this by taking one, devouring it, and moving onto the next. When I’m reading several books at once, I’m not so concerned with how quickly I finish them. My concern is deriving the most enjoyment and knowledge out of them as possible. Sure, I still have my monthly book goal in the back of my mind (see my I’m Reading… page), but I am typically confident that I can accomplish that even while reading several books.

Do you like to read several books at a time? If so, do you have specific genres you like to be reading at once? Share, share, share! I’d love to hear!

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Penchant for Reading Multiple Books at a Time
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