Things have been quite busy around the Sherwin household of late. Why you might ask? I’m working a rather dense workweek and preparing for my very first book signing! I’m quite excited, but in order to have a successful signing, I’ve got quite a lot of preparations to complete! Want to see my steps for getting myself all situated for Saturday?

FIRST: Order Inventory



SECOND: Practice Arranging Books Into Pleasing, Attractive Displays



THIRD: Start Gathering The Gear

booksigningprep copy

Now, before you start worrying overmuch about my fashion sense (don’t worry…I won’t wear those colors together on the big day!), just take stock of what “gear” I mean. It’s very important to have business cards for your signing so that you can maintain your professional communication with fellow authors, readers, and business folks! You should also have several copies of all your available books (If you’ve got a series out, have all copies available in case people want to buy them all together)! On top of that, it’s a good idea to put together a great outfit. Since I love flowy, colorful clothes, I know I’ll focus on pieces that reflect that style (again, not necessarily the combination shown above ;-)). I’ll be sure to show you my actual outfit from the book signing, as well as other pictures from the event! I’m super, super excited.


I know there are still some things left to take care of–like an informational graphic to sit at the table with me. So in order to make sure I’ve got everything under control, I’ve got a major to-do list for the week. I’m almost finished knocking everything off the list! If you’re going to be in North Georgia this Saturday, consider stopping by! Here’s some more information on the signing if you’re interested.

Ever been to a book signing or had one for your books? How did you go about preparing for it? What sorts of things did you have at your table? Did you have a positive experience? I’d love to hear about it! 

Happy Thursday!

Preparing For My First Book Signing
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