So, when I was a little girl, one of my favorite videos to watch was this beautiful Japanese version of the Aesop tales! It starts off with The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Aesop is the little boy in the story (instead of the elusive author) and when he runs from the wolves (after the villagers refuse to help him), he falls into a portal to another world. The title of this movie, produced by Toei Animation, is Aesop Monogatari. It is delightful. I still love to watch this movie on occasion, partly because it brings back so many childhood memories, but also because it is really well-done, cute, and creative.

Aesop slowly experiences the other stories in the Aesop repertoire: things like The Tortoise and the Hare, The Cricket and the Ant, etc. It is a wonderfully collected version of the story that is viewed as an epic, hero’s journey of a sort. If you’re looking for a great film to watch with your young ones, consider this one! I’ll tell you, though, it is extremely hard to find. You can get it on Amazon in VHS, or try and scour the interwebs yourself, but I’ll tell ya it will be difficult! BUT WELL WORTH IT! 😉

That’s all for me folks, when it comes to Project Fairy Tale! My story was The Boy Who Cried Wolf and you can read my other posts in the blog event by clicking on the links below:

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I hope you enjoyed the Project Fairy Tale event! It was hosted by The Cheap Reader and you can find all the other related posts on her Master Post.


Project Fairy Tale: Introducing Aesop Monogatari!
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