Since I’ve started working from home full-time, I spend most of my work-day sitting in front of a computer screen. Most of you are probably used to this, but I am not quite adjusted yet. One thing I am struggling with is eye-strain. I have the unfortunate disadvantage of having horrible vision + astigmatism (bad astigmatism). I wear glasses, of course, but my prescription could probably stand to be updated soon. Because of this, my eyes are already jacked up. On top of it, my eyes are getting tired more frequently and they feel dry a lot. Sometimes I get headaches. I’ll bet some of you experience this, as well, and I decided to do a post dedicated to protecting your eyes while writing.

You can Google this yourself, of course, but I’m going to sum up some of the best tips I’ve found out there:

1. Let your eyes take a break. I’ve read that it is good to look away from your computer screen every now and then. Suggestions differ on the time to do this, but most agree that you should focus your eyes on one object that is far away from you for about 10-30 seconds.

2. Eye exercises can help. Yep. That’s right: you can exercise your eyes! Move your eyes away from your computer screen and move them around in lots of clockwise and counterclockwise circles. Also, practice the focusing trick mentioned in number 1.

3. Blink a lot. Blinking helps your eyes to secrete tears and fluids to keep your eyes hydrated.

4. If you wear contacts, maybe consider transitioning to glasses during computer time. Contacts increase the chance of your eyes drying out. Also, many people experience irritation when wearing contact lenses.

5. Use the amount of light in the room that makes your eyes feel comfortable. Most people agree that it is good to have extra light around when you’re staring at a computer screen for hours. I am TERRIBLE at this tip. I like writing in a dim room, but I suppose I’ll have to start turning on lamps or something!

6. Limit TV and computer time outside of writing hours. Because your eyes have just been staring at a screen for six-eight hours, give them a break when you have some leisure time. Read a book. Go for a walk. Play a game with your spouse or children. Just take a couple hours electronic- screen-free in order to let your eyes rest.

7. Get regular eye appointments with your vision doctor. Eye appointments are extremely important–especially for those of us who work at computers all day. My vision consistently needs an updated prescription and yours might as well.

8. Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water! This one is good not only for your eyes, but for every other part of you, too!


I hope these 8 tips helped give you some ideas for taking good care of your eyes! I wish you all an eye-strain-free day and a happy weekend!


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Protecting Your Eyes
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