We all have it from time to time: *gasp* the dreaded WRITER’S BLOCK! (Blood curdling screams follow). I’ll be honest. Right now, after the publishing of my first novel, Night Bells, I am in the middle of an eensy weensy writer’s block myself. I’m trying to get work done on the other novels, but…for some reason, I just feel stuck. It happens. What do you do when the dreaded BLOCK falls on your head?

1. WRITE >> But wait a second, doesn’t that sound counter-intuitive? Nope. When you are suffering from a serious writer’s block, the best thing to do is write. The trick, though, is to take a break from your current manuscript. I find the best way to get through my own blocks is to go work on another story–either start a completely new one or revisit an old manuscript that needs some TLC. This often gets me excited about new ideas and writing again, so that I can approach my current manuscript (the one that caused the block) with fresh eyes and creativity. If you don’t want to approach an old story, write some poetry! Poetry is a fun way to get your mental juices flowing again!

2. READ >> This one is probably painfully obvious, but a great way to overcome writer’s block is to engage in frequent reading sessions. Find a book that you CANNOT put down and dive in. When I read a lot, not only is my writing better, it is easier to write it in the first place!

3. STICK WITH IT >> It’s tempting to lay aside all writing during a block. DON’T DO THIS. Keep writing every day//every week day (whatever your writing schedule is) and don’t give up. It’s tough, I know. We’ve all been there, but the key is to keep working at it. If you give up, NOTHING gets accomplished and you certainly won’t get over your block any quicker. You might not meet your ordinary word count goals, but you’ll have worked on it!

4. CREATIVE CROSS-TRAINING >> If you love drawing, go and draw in your free time! If  you like creating video games, go and work on one! In your free time, it’s essential to engage in other creative activities. This keeps the creative part of our brains active so that when we get back to writing the next day, our mind is already producing ideas.

I hope these tips were helpful! What ideas do YOU have for overcoming writer’s block?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a happy Thursday!


Pushing through a Writer’s Block
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