Okay. It’s official. I am OBSESSED with Sherlock Holmes–the old Arthur Conan Doyle stories, the Robert Downey Jr. movies, the BBC show set in modern times…


I have been so fascinated by this character in every depiction of him! Anyone else have a character like that? I’m one of those people who likes seeing what people will do with an old beloved character and so far, each film adaptation (in my opinion) mentioned above has brought something unique and interesting to the table.

I love how meticulous, calculated, somewhat cold, and aloof Sherlock is. His sense of deduction and logic is staggering…but think of it this way…Conan Doyle¬†wrote Sherlock. How did a brilliant character like that come from someone’s mind!? AHHH!

Which literature//movie//tv character are you obsessed with? Why do you like them? SHARE!

Random Geekery: Sherlock Holmes
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