So, my obsessions tend to run in cycles. For a while, I’ll be obsessed with a TV show or Movie series. Then, I’ll move on to reading like a rabid person for months at a time. Next, it’ll be video games. However, all of my obsessions have a similar thread: GEEKERY! Hence, the enormous Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Strategy Guide and N64 controller to the left. 🙂 I’ll admit it. I love being nerdy and geeky. I have always, ALWAYS adored fantasy, science-fiction, video games, manga, comics, movies, TV, books, and languages. It’s just in my blood.

Currently, I’ve got the following little obsessions running through my brain most days:

>> Zelda (specifically Ocarina of Time) — Played this for the first time as a kid, just after the N64 came out. Still loving it as an adult.

>> LOTRO — Seriously, if you are a Tolkien fanatic AND you happen to love video games, SHAME ON YOU for not having found out about this sooner…

>> Skyrim — I’m sensing a theme here…The latest installment in The Elder Scrolls games is FANTASTIC! I play it on the PC, of course, because I’m a PC snob and the Philosopher builds the best computers EVER.

>> Fantasy Reads — I mostly only read fantasy books, but lately, I’ve been devouring the likes of Terry Pratchett, Lindsay Buroker, Tolkien, etc.

>> Questionable Content — This is a HILARIOUS webcomic created by the talented Jeph Jacques. It does, as entitled, have questionable content, so it is DEFINITELY nsfw, small children, etc.

>> Language Studies — I am in the process of learning Japanese and Korean. Eventually, I’d love to learn Tolkien’s languages Quenya and Sindarin.

>> Cooking — It’s been a cooking week in my house. So far, I’ve made Hobbit Food (*read: eggs and bacon) several days in a row. I’ve made Irish Stew, and later in the week, I plan on making Sausage//”Taters”//Onions (in celebration of Hobbit Day on Saturday the 22nd). Yeah, it’s been a hobbit-food WEEK. LOL.

>> Ghost in the Shell — My hubs and I are watching this anime right now (in Japanese, of course).

>> Goodreads — This is one fun place to hang out. Over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten involved in several group forums and have been reviewing books galore! Super fun place. Check it out. Like now.

>> Reviewing Books — This blog is my writing//author website, but I am also a reading nerd, so I have really enjoyed reviewing recent reads. Please note: this is not a “book blogging” blog, so please don’t send me requests. I am CRAZY busy writing and I only review books that I personally pick out to read and I don’t do it on a schedule//often, etc. Thanks. 🙂

There ya have it! My recent geeky obsessions.

Recent Obsessions (*GEEK* Warning)
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