I am nerd like this, but I think it’s fun to draw sketches of my characters and the clothing they wear. When I was a kid, I drew clothes and outfits ALL the time. I think it’s neat to attach cultural clothing forms to my novels. So, today, I’m bringing you examples of what the two main characters of Night Bells might wear on any given day.

First off, we have boy fashion:

Collar designs are often embroidered on special outfits (i.e. for important occasions). Boys tend to wear loose trousers and a coat over several other layers of clothing (it’s COLD on Niflheim)! Wool-lined boots keep their feet warm.

Next up, we have girl fashion:

Girls, like boys, wear many layers of clothing. Under her outer tunic, she has a loose-sleeved blouse, but beneath that, she most likely has on a sweater. Under her skirt, she would have several layers of petticoats to keep warm. This girl happens to be a servant and is wearing an apron and cap to show her station. Wool-lined boots keep her feet warm, too!

What do you think? If you’ve read or are readingĀ Night Bells, did you picture their clothing similar to this? If not, I’d love to hear what you might have imagined! Haven’t picked up a copy of Night Bells? It’s available here and here. If you love fantasy stories, then this novel will be a fun read for you!

Hope you enjoyed Night Bells fashion!


Release Week Madness! Night Bells Fashion
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