The day has finally come. I am an officially PUBLISHED AUTHOR! Ready for the book, cover art, and synopsis? Check it out!

Now you know why I used such a wintry theme for the blog! It matches the cover art for Night Bells!


Lord Maslyn has been a prisoner in his own home for the last six years. When the twelve year old noble of New Kristiansand discovers a secret passageway in his tower, he delves into a world of adventure, intrigue, and secrecy. With the help of a mysterious stranger and his friend Arna, Lord Maslyn seeks to unravel the secrets of his past and to plot his escape from his castle prison. As his life changes drastically, he is drawn into the larger tale of his elder twin brothers. Can he unearth the secrets of his family’s past without endangering those he has come to hold dear? 

Where can you find Night Bells

Night Bells is available in eBook at and available in eBook at Barnes & A print version will soon be released at Amazon, as well.

What’s this Release Week Madness!?

Every day for seven days, I’ll release a special post about Night Bells. These plans may change a bit, if the muse strikes me just right, but you can most likely expect the following:

>> Day One: Chapter One Preview released. I thought it would be nice to give you a preview. 😉

>> Day Two: Pronunciation Guide released. Some of the names in the book may seem difficult to pronounce, but fear not! This handy guide will help you understand how to pronounce all of them!

>> Day Three: Map of Oban. I love maps. When I was a kid, I adored drawing the maps for the stories I made up. Want a better reference for some of the places talked about in Night Bells? Here you go!

>> Day Four: Night Bells Fashion. I adore drawing clothes. I never wanted to be a fashion designer or anything, but for my stories growing up, I would always draw elaborate costumes for my characters. Want to know how my characters dress? This will give you an idea.

>> Day Five: An Indie on Writing a Novel. Ever wondered what it is like to write an epic novel and then embark on the journey of publishing it yourself? Then, this post will greatly interest you. It will give you a “behind the scenes” look at what it’s like.

>> Day Six: Writing Playlist. I’ll give you the inside scoop on the tunes I to listened while writing Night Bells.

>> Day Seven: It’s a Surprise! You’ll just have to wait and see!

To say I wasn’t a little overwhelmed by it all would be a lie. The last two weeks have been rife with tears, stress, frustrations, and…intense excitement and happiness. Writing a book is a journey in and of itself. Finishing and publishing a book is a whole other mountain to climb. Am I glad I did it all myself and went the self-publishing route? YES. It was difficult, but it was hugely rewarding to see my name as a published author and to know that I did it all myself (with the loving encouragement of my husband, family, and friends)!

I hope you enjoy the book! Please let me know what you think! WOOHOO!

Release Week Madness! Night Bells is Now Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!
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