As I’ve mentioned in this post and in the back of the book if you’ve read Night Bells, I have another novel coming out soon! It is currently in the editing process (which is long and arduous and laden with shark-infested waters), then it will have to undergo the publishing process. Thankfully, I learned some formatting tricks that will help the eBook prep go a little bit more smoothly. Printing prep is still a total nightmare to me, but that’s okay. It can be done in an afternoon and then it’s over…until the next book.

The title is Silent Shades and it will be the second Tale from Niflheim. I’m not going to release the cover art until it is closer to the publishing release. My plan is to publish this book in the next couple of months. It’s a tentative deadline, though as life is extremely busy right now.

Haven’t read Night Bells yet? Have no fear! It is currently on sale for 50% off its original price. Act fast, though, because tomorrow evening, the price is going back up! It’s available on and

Normal blogging will resume ASAP! I have some fun book reviews planned and more Leaves Talk posts! YAY!

It has been an insane week. I have been working nonstop, but enjoying life SO much! Thank you to everyone who has read the book! I really appreciate it! If you have read Night Bells, please consider leaving a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads!

Release Week Madness! What’s Next?
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