I started this day off right. I woke up at 6AM, went hiking, got home and showered, made breakfast, and saw the Philosopher off to work. Then, I went to my office and enjoyed a mug of green tea while I set about organizing my day. As is typical of a Monday (for me), I found myself hugely scatterbrained and off-focus for most of the morning. However, I was able to get my 2,000 words in on my current manuscript–due largely to the fact that the OST for SKYRIM by Jeremy Soule is amazing work-music. I was also able to make some updates to the aesthetics of this site and get a post done.

Mondays always seem hectic to me. I suppose it’s because I always have tons of housework and normal work to do once I get up. I very much enjoyed waking up early, though. I plan on making it a habit. Even if I can’t go hiking every morning, I’ll try to squeeze in a walk before my shower. I am definitely most productive in the mornings.

Plans for the rest of the workday:

>>LOTS and lots of Maiedae editing to catch up on

>>LOTS of editing on my manuscript we’re prepping for publishing

>>LOTS of housework

>>Reading for 30 minutes (going to start reading Virtue by Amanda Hocking!)

>>Drink at least two more cups of green tea…

That’s what I’ve got for now, folks! Gotta get my groove on and get some more “shtuff” done!


Thanks for stopping by!


~L.M. Sherwin

Scatterbrained, Yet Productive Monday…
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