This weekend was a combination of restful awesomeness and fun social engagements! On Friday night, the Philosopher and I attended a hilarious play at a local college. On Saturday, we slept in and watched our “Saturday Morning Cartoons” (which consisted of some seriously awesome My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). Then, I wrote two blog posts (one for Saturday and one for Sunday). After that….I watched Sherlock Holmes (the version with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law)…I ADORE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH!!!! I ended it up watching it twice on Saturday. Seriously. I’m bummed, because it has to go back to the library soon. It is for serious on my Christmas list this year. 😉 I might also have slipped in some The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Sunday was a busy, busy, busy day! The hubs and I went to early church and then to have lunch with his father. We left mid-afternoon to head down to the ATL for some fun friend time with a few other couples. The ladies enjoyed a fun crafting party while the menfolks hung out upstairs discussing theology and deep thoughts. (We girls do that for three weeks out of the month. On the fourth week, we craft. :-)). These lovely ladies were present: Kate, Savannah, Jenny.

This upcoming week is full of busy, busy, busyness as well. I have lots of writing and editing to do, along with a slew of housework. I’m not joking about that housework…there may be dragons…. In the midst of all that busy stuff, I’ve got some fun reads I’m looking forward to starting!

Since I’m currently obsessed with Sherlock Holmes and I’ve never read any of the stories, my big plan is to start reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Aww yeah. AWESOME.

As well, in the picture above (with all the books stacked up) you can see some of the other reads I’d like to devour between now and December 31st. Quite a lofty goal, but I’ll at least put a dent in it. 😉

Thanks, again, to everyone who has purchased Night Bellsread it, reviewed it, and provided feedback! I truly appreciate everything you’re doing to help spread the word about my book! I have the best readers! 🙂 Haven’t read Night Bells yet? Do you enjoy fantasy//science-fiction//unique stories? Consider checking it out! It is currently $2.99 for the Kindle and Nook and $11.99 in print (on Amazon)!

Have a super happy Monday (which are better than ordinary, happy Mondays).


Sherlock Holmes and New Reads
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