Just as it was helpful for readers to have a pronunciation guide for Night Bells, I’ve decided to do the same for Silent Shades! First off, though, I need to extend a huge “thank you” to all of my readers! Many of you have already secured your copy of Silent Shades and I truly, TRULY hope you are enjoying the book! If you’ve not read Silent Shades or Night Bells yet, it would be best to start with the first book (Night Bells) and then read this one. You can find purchasing information for the first book here and here. Information for the second book can be found here and here.


ALF — a-ulf (the “a” is short as in “cat”)

ARDR — ARR-derr (first syllable rhymes with “are”)

ARNA– AHR-nah (the “a” acts more like the sound “a” makes in “father”)

ASKEL — ask-ehll (first “a” is short like in “cat”)

BRYN — Brinn

EDRA — EH-druh (short first vowel, schwa for the second)

EINAR — Eye-narr (“ei” sounds like “eye”)

EIR — ehrr (rhymes with “air”)

ELJAS — ehl-yuss (first vowel is short, last is a schwa)

FANNDIS– (FAN-dis (“fan” sound just like a “fan” you would use to cool yourself)

FENRIS– Fen-riss (“fen” rhymes with “pen)

FRIGG — Frigg (rhymes with “Stigg”)

GLOVNGUARD — glahv-in-garrd (“o” is short)

HANNA — hann-nuh (first “a” is like “a” in “hand” and the second is a schwa)


HULDA — HULL-duh (“hul” rhymes with “pull”)

IKSFJORD — IKS-fee-yord

JARL — yarrl

JORI– Yore-ee (“j’s” in the book are pronounced with a “y” sound. “I’s” are usually prounounced with the “ee” sound like in “tree”)

KAJA — kah-yah (both “a”s sound like the “a” in “father”. The “j” operates as a “y”)

KIMBLI– KIM-blee (again, “i” makes the long “ee” sound)

KLAVA — klah-vah (“a” sounds like the “a” in “father”)

KORJANNA — korr-yah-nah (“kor” sounds like “core”)

LIZBET– LIZ-bet (the “bet” is very short and clipped–much emphasis on the first syllable)

MARKO — marr- koh (first syllable’s vowel sound mimics the sound in the word “are”. The last is a long “o” sound.)

MASLYN– MAZ-lin (the “a” is short like in “cat” // the “i” is short like in “grin”)

NEW KRISTIANSAND– Nyoo (or Noo) Kris-chian-sand

NIALL — nee-ull (“i” is pronounced like long “ee”. the last syllable rhymes with “pull”)

NIFLHEIM — ni -full- hime (first syllable is short, second rhymes with “pull”, last rhymes with “time”)

NYDA — NEE-duh

OLAN– Oh-luhn

ROLF — ROLL-ff (“o” balances precariously between a short and long “o”)

SANDER — SAND-er (easy)

SEIDH– SAY-th ( long “a” sound on the first syllable and the “th” is pronounced softly like in the word “slither”)

SEVERIN — seh-verr-in (all three vowels are considered short)

SORYN — Sore-in

STIGG– Stigg (simple one :-) )

ULLA– OO-luh (think “oo” as in “food” and the “luh” can also be pronounced “lah”)

ULF– Uhll-ff (think “u” as in “full”)

VALKYRIE– VAL-kuh-ree (“a” is short like in “cat” and the “y” makes a shwa sound (“uh”))

—All “j”s (when in names or titles) are pronounced as a “y”

I hope this pronunciation guide was helpful to you! If you find a word you’re not sure how to pronounce, but you don’t see it listed here, just let me know in the comments section and I’ll add it! Looking for Night Bells‘ pronunciation guide? It can be found right here.

Have a terrific Monday! Happy Reading!



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