I have this problem. You see, I usually get crazy bursts of novel ideas at insane hours. Usually…just as I’m winding down to go to sleep…character dialogue or exposition will force its way into my head saying, “WRITE ME! WRITE ME!”. Such a thing happened last night at 11:00 PM. My brain was like, “Noes! We gots ta go to sleeps!!!”, but the story refused to be quelled, so to the notebooks I went, pen in hand. I got a snippet of a scene written for my current manuscript and I got a whole new novel idea started.

Love those times. Even though I went to sleep closer to midnight than I would have liked, I got some great story ideas down and, as all writers know, you write them down when you have them or *poof* they often disappear. I don’t always get my best ideas at night, but that is usually the case. My first writing sessions for Night Bells always happened at night, if I remember correctly–mainly because I was in college at the time and the only free time I had was after 9:30 PM.

I tend to get great writing (as in typing on the manuscript) done in the morning. Strange. What about you? If you’re a writer, when do you prefer to write and when do you get your best ideas? Share! I’d love to hear! If you’re a reader, when is your favorite time to pull out a book and jump into a story? 

Snippets of Novels in the Night
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