ACK!!! I so wish I could have tutors for all the languages I want so desperately to learn!!! Korean…Japanese…Quenya…Sindarin… (Don’t you give me those shifty eyes…Tolkien created REAL languages, REAL, I say!!)

In all seriousness, I truly wish that I could be fluent in all the languages I love. In school, I only had the option of studying Spanish. Spanish is all well and good and I can still understand quite a bit of it and carry on rudimentary conversation, but Spanish was never my first language love. For the longest time, it was nothing but  Japanese. I still ADORE the Japanese language. It is so unique and has its own flavor that feels so foreign and exciting on the tongue.

Lately, though? I’m besotted with Korean. The fact that I have a couple Korean friends also helps. What doesn’t help is that they both live super far away now and I can’t carry on conversations with them face to face! ARG! I’ll just have to console myself with ample Korean TV shows, movies, and music. ­čśë

As far as fictional languages go, I’ve always been super intrigued by Tolkien’s Elvish languages. They sound so beautiful when spoken and the amount of work that man put into them is staggering!

Since I was in middle school, I’ve been working on my own fictional language. I haven’t been putting as much work into it in recent years, but I can still remember many key phrases and vocabulary I created.

What about you? Any fictional (or real) languages that you adore to the point of obsession? If fictional, what author created them and what stories are they from? I’d love to hear! POLYGLOTS FOREVER!

SO Many Languages, So Little Time
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