I think it’s fun when authors share their musical inspiration for any given novel. Amanda Hocking is famous for doing this very thing. I (a lot less famously) did it with Night BellsNow, I present my soundtrack for Silent Shades! Many of these songs may sound suspenseful, but if you’ve read any portion of the book, you’ll know that it contains some pretty intense subject matter. As well, you’ll notice that my taste is quite eclectic. Like…very eclectic, LOL. I love music and my taste for it continues to evolve and grow as time goes by. One thing these have in common, though, is that they are either instrumental, or the lyrics are depressed into the background a bit so that they don’t overpower the orchestra side of things. This helps me to stay in the zone without getting too distracted by the lyrics. Without further ado, here is my writing soundtrack for Silent Shades!

>> Discombobulate // Sherlock Holmes OST

>>Slinger’s Song // Bastion OST

>> A Proper Story // Bastion OST

>> Adiemus // Adiemus

>> Adoramus // Eternal

>> Skyrim Theme // Skyrim OST

>> Night on Bald Mountain // Mussorgsky

>> Diva // Blood+ OST

>> Ride of the Valkyries // Wagner


Soundtrack for Silent Shades
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