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Looking for a place to advertise your book, blog, or website? Consider sponsoring Unearthing Words! If you take a look to the right >>> you’ll see all my lovely sponsors for the month! Sponsoring Unearthing Words is an inexpensive way to advertise your work and drive traffic to your site, book, or blog! Here are the details:

4 Ad Options:

>> Large: 200 x 200 px // Gets to participate in a solo interview at some point during their ad cycle and a group feature post with the other sponsors (feature relates to writing and reading). [$5.00]

>> Medium: 200 x 125 px // Gets to participate in a group feature post related to writing and reading during their ad cycle. [$3.00]

>> Small: 200 x 50 px // Featured underneath the large and medium spots in the sidebar. [$2.00]

>> Swap Spot: 200 x 125 px // Let’s swap buttons! There are a limited number of these spots per month (only 1 left currently!) [FREE]

Offering Button Design:

Don’t feel up to designing your own ad button? I can do that for you! For a fee of $5.00 (to be invoiced through PayPal), I can create a button for you that fits within Unearthing Words’ dimensional space. I’ll then provide you with a high quality copy of the image to then use however you like!

Let’s Work Together:

If your book/site/blog is like mine, then you’re a growing presence on the interwebs. I don’t have a gajillion visitors per month like some websites, but the more we link to each other and post exciting “getting-to-know-you” entries, the more visible we are to everyone and the more traffic we can drive to each other


I will not accept ads for books that are explicitly erotic. 🙂

Interested in Sponsoring?

Check out my Advertise page for more in-depth information and the links to purchase ad spots! I use Passionfruit Ads to manage my advertising and those guys are AMAZING!


Sponsor in March!
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