Happy Friday, folks! Today on the blog, Kristine from The Merry Bird Designs (one of my large sponsors >>) is here for a visit! I hope you’ll give her a very warm welcome and consider checking out her design page!

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(LM) Tell us a bit about yourself!

 (Kristine) I am a 40-something year old gal with a family, two kids, and married to a Jack LaLanne type guy.  I’ve been building a graphic freelance design business over the past few years, am college educated (BA Art History), and get bored when times are quiet. I am happy to read a good book recommended by a friend, love wine, to cook, and create.  Love the outdoors and would travel if time and money allowed. Love to make pantone color schemes, my free time, and helping those in need if I can. God is as important as the air around me, but you won’t find me at church every Sunday.

(LM) How did you get into the design business?

(Kristine) As a natural artist since childhood, I always had the capabilities to illustrate, paint, and draw. It only made sense to find a path that allowed me to connect to my innate abilities. Although, times have changed so quickly and technology has become my “new” pencil and paint brush.

(LM) Have you always loved art and design? If so, what were your favorite things to draw when you were younger?

(Kristine) Yes, art has always been part of me and my up-bringing. My father used to create stained glass windows. My mother designed clothing and jewelry and my brother is a potter.  I loved to illustrate animals and people.

(LM) When you create a book cover, how do you go about “visualizing” the author’s vision for their cover?

(Kristine) When I speak with an author about the cover art they see or ‘envision’, I usually ask for a blurb from their book that inspired the  image they have in mind. That is where I begin the visual process of a cover.

(LM) What advice can you give authors who design their own covers?

(Kristine) None! Unless an author has a background in graphics or design, I recommend they allow a real designer to create the cover. So many elements are involved in choosing an image, typography, and layout. If anyone of these elements do not mesh, then the cover will fail – we all know books ARE judged by the cover!

(LM) What are the most important elements of an attractive book cover?

(Kristine) The most important elements of a book cover are those that create a mood, or evoke feeling about the book. Color, image, size, layout… everything the eye can see is important!

(LM) What are the main differences between designing a print book cover and an eBook cover?

(Kristine) A print cover requires certain files to be created and needs a specific size layout to “encompass” the book in the round, not just the face page or front cover of the book. An eBook cover can be specifically sized and created in an online file format for easy installment. Both print and eBook covers require a design layout for the “face” cover, but a cover  going to print is more complicated to create.

(LM) What is the best way for folks to contact you if they’re interested in a book cover design?

(Kristine) Authors can reach Kristine Sheehan at: TheMerryBird@gmail.com // 203.551.1155

(LM) Thank you so much for your time, Kristine! Any parting words for authors, readers, or fellow designers?

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(Kristine) Thank you for getting to know The Merry Bird Designs here at Unearthing Words! I’d like to hear about new and upcoming works and maybe work with some of you in the future! Thank you, L.M., for having me as a guest!

Places to find Kristine on the interwebs:





Thanks so much, Kristine, for sponsoring me this month and for sharing your interview with us! Lovely readers, please check out Kristine’s design site and social media! She has so many great design offerings for authors and writers!

Happy Friday!

Sponsor Interview: Kristine from The Merry Bird Designs!
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