It’s not easy to stay balanced and organized when you have thirty million things to accomplish each day. I don’t even have children yet and still my days seem to pile up with more things than I can realistically give attention to. How do I stay organized and calm with what I have going on? Task, Schedules, and To-Do Lists. Before I tell you how I do this, I’ll give you a little look into my busy life. Now, I am aware that some of you out there may be grinding your teeth and grunting at my idea of “busy”. You’d be justified, probably. I don’t have children, I no longer have a day-job in the corporate world to bog me down. However, I do have quite a lot that I make time for in my day and I want to make sure I get everything done to the best of my abilities and still maintain my joy and serenity.

My Priorities Each Week

+ Spend time with God (daily Quiet Time)

+ Spend time with my husband

+ Taekwondo and Hapkido classes (at least twice a week for each martial art)

+ Exercise (Cross-training)

+ Grocery Shopping/Meal Planning

+ Household Chores

+ Writing Work

+ Editing Work

+ Maiedae Work (I am their Chief Editor, Ad Manager, and Support Person)

+ Language Work (I am currently learning Japanese and Korean)

+ Blogging Work (I regularly post to two blogs)

+ Contact my family members (either calling them, spending time with them, or other)

+ Church

+ Journal (I keep a journal during the work week)

I use three primary means of organizing my time: Tasks, Schedules, and To-Do Lists. I’ll break each one down for you below. I realize that not everyone will work well with these methods, but they work very well for me. I am an extremely creative person, but I am also very linear, orderly, and structured. If you feel you are similar to me, these suggestions might really help you. 🙂


What do I mean by tasks? At the beginning of each week, I sit and spend some time identifying the things that need to be done during the work week. I establish what I need to do at work (both writing//editing work and Maiedae.) I establish what I need to do at home. I write all of these things down on a white board I keep in my office. This list can be added to, of course, but it usually stays the same all week. This helps me keep track of any important appointments, everyday chores, and any work-related deadlines.


I find that it makes life a whole lot easier when you devote certain days to certain tasks. For instance: Wednesday is always “Date-Day”. The Philosopher and I use this day as a time just for “us.” Also, Sundays are for church and usually any family activities we might have planned during the week. Sometimes family stuff pops up on other days, but in general, Sundays. I also denote two days each week to my martial arts training. That usually happens to be Tuesday and Thursday, but sometimes it is Monday and Thursday.


After I have identified my tasks and used scheduling to put certain tasks on certain days, I create to-do lists for each day. This helps me divide up my week into a manageable attack plan for each day. This means getting more done over a longer period of time instead of trying to cram everything into one or two days. It keeps me organized and accountable for my time.

I hope that some of these practices helped you or gave you an idea of how YOU might organize your work best! Thanks for stopping by! If you have any other tips for organizing and balancing your time, I’d love to hear them! Please share in a comment!

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