We’ve all been there. Writer’s block is a very real situation for many authors and I’ll be the first to tell you that I definitely experience it from time to time. Lately, I’ve been in an INSANE writer’s block. It’s totally bad. Instead of letting it hinder my progress, I’ve focused primarily on other tasks that are required in writing/editing.

>> I’ve Worked On Other Manuscripts — Since my primary manuscript is giving me issues, I’ve been editing/revising other stories.

>> I’ve Brainstormed for other Stories — Keeping your mind creative is all about finding inspiration in each moment. I’ve been having fun thinking up new stories.

>> I’ve Talked Out My Story Troubles with My Hubby — He is a great strategist and is so helpful for when I’m stuck with a particular story point.

>> I’ve Been Reading a Lot — Reading is so, so important for writers. If you’ve got a significant writer’s block going on, take some big time for reading. Reading is always an investment. No matter what.

>> I’ve Cut Myself Some Slack — I’ve been dealing with some life-issues lately (nothing major, just some mid-twenties growing pains, etc.) and since authoring isn’t my only job, I’ve been able to avoid stressing too badly about having writer’s block. You still want to be productive on story-creation, but if you just can’t crank out anything for a week or two, don’t be too hard on yourself. Life will go on and writer’s block WILL end.

What are your tips for staying productive when you have writer’s block? 

Staying Productive During Writer’s Block
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